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Cotton Wild

Cotton Wild


Cotton Wild is a family business that produces women's clothing collections. After more than 30 years of work without a strong brand identity, they are committed to creating branding that can represent the work and values behind the business.


Our work consisted of creating a close, familiar and elegant design that represented the quality and professionalism with which they work with their clients. The construction of the brand design focuses on the choice of a typographic combination that unites the delicacy and elegance of the creative process with the production and machinery of the sewing itself. To this end, a serif typeface has been chosen, which will be present in the most powerful headlines and slogans, together with a monospaced typeface that reminds us of the brand's production process. Once the visual line has been defined, we activate the brand through a website where they can communicate with their customers. From daily operations to the working model. In short, we have managed to give an identity to a brand that has been offering an exclusive, personalised and efficient service to all its customers since 1992 and which, until now, didn't have a visual representation.


Cotton Wild





Brand Strategy, Purpose & vision, Art Direction


Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Art Direction


Web Design, Development

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